How To Survive Job Rejection?

If you are a graduate or willing to find a new job, you probably know how difficult a rejection may be. Even if you only send your resume or curriculum vitae and the answer never comes back. It becomes even harder if you are not invited for the next interview or get a rejection email after several meetings.

Unfortunately, every candidate knows that awful feeling, when you are not getting a job of your dreams. It may easily bring you down, making you feel disappointed and miserable. Many people end up beating themselves up and thinking that failure is going to become their regular friend. However, if you got a rejection, it doesn’t mean that your chances for success are zero!

First thing you need to do is to have a positive outlook on your future. This means that you need to face all the challenges and hardships with a constructive and cheerful attitude and to focus on all the things you can obtain after change of plans. Being adaptable to the surrounding is one of the most valuable features you can possess, so try to train it under all the circumstances. Even if your current rejection seems the end of the world, we guarantee that there is a better option waiting for you around the corner!

Here are the main tips, which will surely help you to get back on track.

1. Program yourself

Unfortunately, we all tend to pay extra attention to all the negative events, happening in our life instead of concentrating on the positive aspects. That is why we take every rejection as the end of the world and find it very hard to get back to normal life.

To fight this dangerous habit, try to test your reality: think of all the situations, which could have led to rejection. For example, the company could have hired someone from other departments or simply closed the vacancy, because it was no longer relevant.

However, even if you were rejected because you lacked skills and qualification, it doesn’t mean that you are no good for the whole industry! Take it as a valuable lesson, make resolutions for the future and do your best to shine on the next interview.

2. Consider rejection as an inevitable part of your path

It is impossible to find a candidate, who has never been rejected. You are not going to be accepted to every company you are applying to, so the earlier you will agree with this fact, the better. In such a way, you will be able to remain stable emotionally and mentally, ready to take any challenge.

Once you realize that even if a certain company doesn’t offer you a job, there are still many chances out there, which may be even better. Who knows, maybe you can even become a part of the same company but only in another department?

Keep your eyes wide open, track vacancies and be ready to grab the luck by its tail!

3. Stop analyzing too much!

Do you remember those never-ending inner dialogues after an interview, when you start analyzing all the things you said and all the gestures you have made?

Such thoughts may easily drive you crazy, as you will replay the meeting over and over again, thinking of all the reasons why you got rejected. However, the more you concentrate on your disappointment, the more energy and time you spend in vain. Instead of beating yourself up, try to concentrate on the future, building a winning and positive strategy.

Every time you feel like you are about to analyze the past, remind yourself it is not productive at all. Instead take a piece of paper and write down all the steps you can complete not to let such things happened in the future. This will surely make you stronger!

If you are a person, who is used to overanalyze past failures, here is a useful and simple solution: contact a hiring manager after rejection and ask him or her what you can do to improve in future. At first, you may feel awkward but it is quite a common practice nowadays. With such a simple note you will understand your weak spots and be able to prepare for the future interview thoroughly.

4. Work on your esteem

If you always underestimate your personality and qualifications, you definitely need to write a list of your accomplishments. Make a list of the main stories and situations, when you managed to overcome difficulties. This may be a hard project, new enterprise or a difficult solution no one else was willing to take.

Such a simple step will remind you how you managed to solve all the situations in the past and will help you to be optimistic about your future. In addition, such a list can be of a great help on any interview.

Don’t worry if you got rejected, as it is a great chance to know more about your strength and be able to find the job, which fits you perfectly!

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