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I invested plenty of efforts into my education and meeting criteria to get a nursing license, and after working in our local acute care room for some time I wanted a job that would let me do more with my skills. I always maintained a rapport with other staffers and was good at leading and tutoring, so I needed to say it clearly in my CV if I wanted to get hired for a more responsible position. I was not sure how to make it without sounding too boastful and I thought it better be writers who write it. I can tell that the team over here knows their job, and they have written my CV from scratch, and made it great, obviously. It says everything that needs to be said, but says it subtly. Now I am ready to apply with it at hand, thank you.

Carol P. registered nurse

Nursing Resume Examples

If you’ve never tried to get into the nursing field, you may have no idea how competitive this profession is. There are dozens of highly qualified nursing competing for the same position as you, so your only chance to land the coveted position is to do your best when writing a resume. Unfortunately, without a nurse resume example before you it’s difficult to understand what exactly you are expected to do. Luckily, you don’t have to stress over resume writing anymore, because we’ve prepared a RN resume sample to help you. With this sample nurse resume created by our top writers you’ll get the confidence you’ve needed to deliver a flawless resume.

sample rn resume

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RN Resume Sample

sample nursing resume

This is only a sample, to get your own resume:

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Nursing Resume Example

sample nurse resume

This is only a sample, to get your own resume:<

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Nurse Resume Example

registered nurse sample resume

This is only a sample, to get your own resume:

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Registered Nurse Resume Sample

nurse resume template

This is only a sample, to get your own resume:

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Nursing Resume Template

  • Contact details

    A mandatory part of any resume for a medical position is your contact details, located in one compact block on the top of the page. The contact details should include your name, phone number, email address, and physical address. If you’re creating a nursing student resume, you can also include the address of your university.

  • Objective statement

    The next part of CV for a professional nurse is the nursing resume objective. It is not mandatory, especially if you’re an experienced professional, but if you’re making a new grad nursing resume and want to secure your chances of getting the job, an objective statement, where explain your reasons and goals for applying to the position, is a must.

  • Main achievements

    This section of the CV is created for the nurses who want to convince the employer that they are their best option, especially if we’re talking about a certified nursing assistant resume. This section is typically the first block of the resume the HR manager will pay attention to, which means a brief but thorough description of your achievements at past workplaces can help you stand out from the crowd of other applicants.

  • Specific education details

    In this part of your CV you need to list the education institutions you’ve attended an/or graduated from in reverse chronological order. Remember to include not only the name of the institution, but also the years, location, major, and degree.

  • License and certification details

    Nurse is a mandatorily licensed profession, which is why any CV, especially a registered nurse resume, should include all licenses and certifications obtained throughout your career. List the following information:

    • Type of license (LPN, RN, NP, CRNA, etc.)
    • Name of license
    • License number
    • License expiration date
    • Who issued the license
  • Work experience

    In this section you need to once again employ the reverse chronological order and list your past positions. Each position needs a brief description of your duties and achievements in every workplace. The potential employer will expect this section to be even in a nursing assistant resume, not to mention the more experienced nurse positions.

  • Activities

    If your resume is lacking professional medical experience - for example, if you’ve recently graduated from medical school - you can use this section to present your internships, volunteer work, awards, and other activities you’ve done while studying. This information will add some gravitas to your application.

  • Cover letter

    Some people still treat cover letters like extra work that is not mandatory, but the truth is that a cover letter can be your way to make yourself stand out as a candidate. Attach a letter explaining why you’ve decided to apply and what you want to achieve at the company you’re applying to, and the HR manager will be much less likely to toss your application away.

  • General perspective on nursing resume

    It may seem like a simple job of applying for a position of a nurse requires too much work when it comes to creating a CV, but the power of a good CV should not be undervalued. Whether you are applying for a junior position or an advanced position like critical care nursing, a well-written, detailed resume will maximize your chances of making the right positive impression on the potential employer and getting to the next stage.

  • Tips on how not to fail

    Here are some tips on how to truly make your resume shine:

    • Be honest. Describe your skills and experiences in detail, but don’t exaggerate anything or include false information.
    • When you are really determined to get the job, there is nothing wrong with a little self-promotion!
    • After you’ve finished your CV, proofread it once or twice to make sure there are no grammatical or stylistic mistakes.
    • CYour CV shouldn’t be flashy, but it should be aesthetically pleasing: choose a standard font, minimize the bolding, and keep your CV professional.

    Thanks to these tips, you are guaranteed to succeed in your job search. If you still feel like you need help, our professional writing service will gladly help you create the most flawless CV of your career!