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Nursing is a unique field where your professional and personal skills can save someone’s life. While you are writing your resume, make sure that your experience and value-added information suit the job offer you are applying for. There are different types of medical nurse and you will have to demonstrate that your skills and knowledge fit the bill. To have a clear understanding of what potential employers expect from you, have a look at the following guidelines:

Contact Details

The detailed contact information, including your name, phone, e-mail, and post address should be given in one block at the very top of the page. Those who are writing a nursing student resume can also include their university address.

Objective statement

Inexperienced candidates who need a new grad nursing resume should next include a statement that will state what they expect to achieve by applying for that particular job offer. For more experienced nurse, nursing resume objective is not necessary to include.

Main Achievements

More experienced candidates with a certified nursing assistant resume will definitely have something to write here. In most cases, that’s the first section where recruiters are looking for the necessary information on a candidate. Include 3-5 achievements which will make you stand out ahead of the crowd as the best candidate.

Specific Education Details

List the educational institutions in a reverse chronological order. Don’t forget to include your educational institutions, location, dates, degree obtained, and major.

License and Certification Details

This section should contain the information on your licenses, especially if it comes to registered nurse resume:

  • Type of license (LPN, RN, NP, CRNA, etc.)
  • State/Body that issued license
  • Name of license
  • Expiration date of license
  • License number

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Work Experience

This information should be listed in reverse chronological order. You should list your work-related achievements which demonstrate that you can bring more to the job than other candidates. Thus, this section requires very specific details even if you are writing a nursing assistant resume.


Those who have just graduated from the university should include relevant activities on their resume, including internships, voluntary work, as well as awards. This information will make your application look more solid.

Cover Letter

Employers may optionally ask to attach this type of letter to your application, especially when you are applying per post or per email. This may lead to an additional routine, but it can actually win you a couple of points in the eyes of HR managers, who may get a better understanding of what kind of candidate you are.

General perspective on nursing resume

All the above-mentioned information may seem too much for a single resume, but nurse career is not a standard profession, so every detail may be decisive. Let’s say, critical care nursing sets incredibly high standards which need to be met, otherwise you can hardly expect a positive response.

Tips on how not to fail

Apart from delivering well-structured information, try to consider the following tips:

  • Be honest. It goes without saying, but some candidates prefer to exaggerate their personal skills and achievements what often leads to disappointment.
  • Self-promotion. Employers look for candidates with strong professional and personal qualities. Don’t be afraid to promote yourself as a professional nurse.
  • Proofread your work. Make sure your paper is devoid of grammatical and stylistic mistakes.
  • Consider aesthetics of your document. Check it from the aesthetic viewpoint, namely, font size, typeface, and length should correspond to the required norms.

Basically, these guidelines should be enough for you to complete a worthy paper which can win you a good job place. If you still have some doubts whether you can handle the task, service is always there to help you with your writing challenges. You can rely on us!

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