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  • Jack M. car sales represantative

    My skill is hardly a posh career everyone dreams about but I love cars and I, like, feel how to match a customer and a car really well. Whatever. I can talk about cars, but not much about me personally. So I reached out and ordered a resume from this site. It was excellent, and it was true, not just random stuff and nonsense. It described what I can do, my experience and my passion. It worked out just right for me. I sell cars from the manufacturer I love most, and I am proud to be where I am. It is due to your top job. Thumbs up for you.

  • Amanda H. family therapist

    Usually I do not trust other people in describing what I do and how I do it, but this time I did not regret referring to this company. They operate highly professionally and accurately, which is a rarity now. I wanted to apply for a position in a research-focused hospital, and the resume I got here fitted right into this goal. Not an ordinary list, but a really customized and personalized description of my skills and aspirations. People at hospital appreciated it as well, since I was recently invited to join them.

  • Alice J. office support specialist

    I know a few things about organizing and running processes within an office so that everyone feels comfortable and has supplies and place to work. So I appreciated how everything is organized about this site, about how they take and manage orders, and about how they keep their promise. I needed to move to another city and so to find a job fast. The resume I got from these guys was really great, and it helped me a lot in finding this much-needed job (although applicants for such positions abound on every job search site).

  • Robert G. financial manager

    I planned to look for new job sometime soon but I had to cancel that plan and start looking immediately due to some circumstances. A good resume is a pass to successful search in my case so I decided to entrust it to a specialized service. I can tell that this service is run by professionals and it was a nice experience to work with them. I got the polished resume I needed and it brought me a job that was almost a perfect match to my needs. The service quality is unexpectedly great, thank you.

  • Caryne B. clinical social worker

    It was quite a challenge to find a job at our local hospital, and I tried to look for a position elsewhere. So I needed a nice resume and I hoped that those guys on the web could pump it to look really professional and strong. Well, they made the most of my experience and put forward that I am a licensed worker. That was it! It was not an overnight miracle and took some time of sending and posting the resume, but currently I have a solid job offer. It is fully covering my relocation, and it includes benefits and even saving plan! I do want to say thank you!

  • Taylor M. financial counselor

    Quite decent and reliable resume service. Timely delivery, deadlines are met, high attention to details and wishes of customers, solid experience in this type of work. I thought of changing the company and this resume service really helped me in doing it with advantage being on my side. I admit that I asked for some minor changes in the initial version of the resume, but it was done rapidly and efficiently, without any issues. My feedback is overall positive.

  • Jay C. sales assistant

    Cool service! The site is quite easy to use, everything is clear and safe, too. I placed the order fast, the price was very pleasant, with guarantees of re-dos or refunds if anything turns sour. But everything was OK. I was looking for a full-time job place after working part-time, and these guys on the site laid out the story about my skills and experience nicely to make employers pick me in the pool of applicants.

  • Trisha L. food industry manager

    Now that companies are cutting costs it is hard to find a good job with a solid paycheck. So a good resume is a key, I thought. I was not sure if my CV was flattering enough to me so I looked for someone to check it and maybe add some job-related things that I overlooked. I am glad I found this site for they did me a great service and delivered a really smart document that showed off my long-standing expertise and successful projects. I sent it to the employers I’d like to work for, so we now negotiate a pretty cool position. Highly recommend this site!

  • Jeff S. senior angular js developer

    I usually do code writing and debugging, talking about myself is not my best skill. So I outsourced my resume and opted for this service. A team mate from past projects directed me here. I needed a resume to enter job force after a year’s break, and this team invested plenty of efforts into planning my self-presentation and putting it into writing. The document looked impressive despite the year's work gap, and at present I have a couple of project offers that I like.

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