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When it comes to completing a CV, it is quite difficult to find a more complex task than writing an army resume. Being a military person imposes certain obligations, a particular style and military outlooks.

That is why many candidates whether they are only starting a military career or already have lots of years behind, find it hard to work on their military resume.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to enter the federal world, become a contractor or join the army: your CV needs to show your strong motivation, impressive mental and physical skills, as well as knowledge of professional military terminology.

If you want to show that you are a qualified specialist, master all the definitions and have the necessary qualification, continue reading to get all the details you may need.

Secrets of Successful Military Resume

Military resume writing is by right considered the pinnacle of talent and not many writers are ready to provide such assistance and reflect all the skills a man of arms possesses.

It is not surprising that it is difficult for such specialists to write about their work experience and military skills, as they hardly know the basis of academic and professional writing. That is why in most of the cases these fearless and brave men are puzzled and need some assistance.

If you don’t want to entrust your CV to professional writers and decide to complete the task on your own, you may need some assistance and a few useful tips.

First thing you need to do, when writing a military resume is to make a list of positions you are willing to apply. It is important to limit your list and concentrate on their requirements instead of wasting time and tailoring your CV multiple times. Once you create a list, you should make a first draft, using terminology you understand. Then you need to interpret complicated definitions and make your resume simple and clear.

This is probably the most difficult part of writing a resume for military, as it is not always possible to replace complicated terms, using simple and understandable language. Don’t forget to proofread your CV a couple times to make sure that all your mistakes are fixed, both grammar and lexical ones.

If you want to make a positive impression, you need to write a separate resume for every position you are applying to. You need to show that you are serious about the job and took enough time to answer their requirements.

In addition, you need to limit your resume and make it plain and brief, as most hiring managers and recruiters only spend a couple seconds, scanning CV for the necessary information instead of reading the whole text.

In case you worry that you may fail, there is always professional military resume help, ready to serve your needs and create a powerful CV!

Main Parts of Military Resume

If you want to enter the army or find a nice position after retirement, you will need to write your CV, following all the necessary requirements considering its format and content.

The main parts of your resume should be:

  • Resume summary;
  • Education;
  • Military and civilian work experience;
  • Skills.

In addition, you can always choose what format to use: a chronological, a functional or a mixed one. The first format is used, when you have an impressive experience and don’t have big gaps of unemployment. Just state your experience in a reverse chronological order.

A functional format highlights your kills and achievements, while the dates and previous experience are not so important. It is a suitable format for students and those, who are willing to switch the field.

A mixed format is a combination of a chronological and functional CV, where you give information on both your professional and personal achievements.

When it comes to professional resume writing for men of arms, a chronological format is more preferable and a skilled resume writer will complete it in the best way, showing your strong sides and omitting possible gaps.

Did You Know

  • 98% of all the customers, who order a military job resume at our company, are satisfied with the result;
  • Our military resumes writers work round the clock and are always in touch;
  • Over 85% of interviews, based on resumes we have completed, ended up with a job offer;
  • Our professional military resume writers hold degrees of the best colleges and are fluent in English, knowing all the military terminology.

We are the most skilled and qualified company, when it comes to writing military to civilian CVs and other sorts of professional documents. We hold multiple awards and are always there to help you get a job of your dreams!

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