You probably know that any website uses certain technology tools to gather information about its users and we are not an exception. Below we will explain how it works.


Cookie is a very small text document, which our system sends to your personal computer. There are cookies, which are based on sessions and those, which remain on your computer.

The first ones delete themselves after you close the browser. The second ones, also called the persistent cookies, remain on your device until you decide to delete them on your own.

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The answer is definitely positive, as such files help to collect information and statistics for future improvement of user’s experience. In addition, a cookie system helps you to save time and not to log in to the same website every time you want to enter the system.

Our website uses cookies to make our cooperation simple, easy and safe.


Not all of you know that cookies can be a useful tool of promoting services and goods. Due to such instruments, we not only attract new audience but also gather information to know what your preferences are.

With the help of cookies, we check your interests, complete analysis and make your experience unique. That is why you want to return to us repeatedly!

don’T WANT US TO STORE YOUR information?

It is up to you to decide whether to provide your data to us or not. If you want to keep your information private, you can simply change your browser’s settings.

Any of the following browsers has a Cookie Management protocol:

In case you use a browser, which is not mentioned above, you need to refer to their manuals and documentation.

If you want to restrict usage of cookies or even delete them, you need to open settings of your browser and go to its Privacy section. All the options, considering Cookies, are stored there.

If you don’t want third parties to collect information for Google Analytics, you need to visit their website and change the settings.

Moreover, if you don’t like the adverts, based on your interests, you need to go to Digital Advertising Alliance. iOS devices also have a function to disable such ads.

However, deleting or restricting cookies may greatly influence the quality of experience you get on a website. It may be much lower or even prohibited completely.

If you decide not to leave your information, you will have to enter your login and password every time you enter the website, as it won’t remember you.

cookies of our website

Security. These cookies help to detect harmful content and any other activities, which may influence our users or system. In such a way, all our security systems work to the fullest;

Preferences. With these files your experience will be completely customized, because they remember details you have indicated, including personal information, selected language and much more. You will save time and won’t have to enter such information again;

Authentication. Such files allow our website to remember your user details, so you won’t need to enter your login and password over and over again;

Analytics and research. By using such cookies, we collect information on your logs and activity to improve the services we provide.

Marketing. We strive to improve our services, so marketing cookies help us to see how people use our website. Partners of our company can also use Cookies and provide us with information about your activity on our platforms. Such cookies are subjected to policies of those partner companies.

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You are always welcome to reach us through [email protected] if you still have any questions considering our Cookie Policy.