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Solution Architecture is how I earn my food and rent money and I have a couple of long-term projects with really good outcomes up my sleeve. But I targeted at one extra ambitious case, and hordes of tech people were already swarming there, so I had to carefully design my win in this 'job raffle'. It was clear that to get noticed and interviewed I needed a very professional technical resume and I hoped to get it here. I did plenty of explaining to these people about technicalities of my job and what it includes as they were creating it right on a white sheet, so to say, but what they turned up with was a credible and strong job record. Yes, I did get noticed with it! Actually now I am already through with interviews, and I am quite hopeful about their decision.

Jonas W. solution architect

sections of a technical resume

Although there are many positions, which a technical specialist can occupy, there is a common pattern of a resume format andcontent. This greatly simplifies the process and mastering all of the sections will help you to write the best CV and find a tech job of your dreams.

Your resume should consist of the following sections.

  • Cover letter

    Although this section comes first in our list, it is not compulsory and should be completed only if you have something to say beyond your resume. It should be a short technical summary of your experience and personality to encourage the manager to read your CV.

  • Contact information

    Start with providing the reader with your name, a contact number and an email if necessary. You can use various fonts and colors to make your CV remarkable. Although you shouldn’t forget about good taste and moderation.

  • Statement of your goals

    If you have just graduated college and don’t have enough experience, you can write a few sentences about the main objectives you want to reach and learn at the company. Show the employee that you are craving to enter their company and contribute to its development, improving your own skills.

  • Professional achievements

    Here you need to concentrate on your strengths or skills. A great solution will be to describe the technical projects you have worked on, your own inventions, publications and so on. If you still don’t have any achievements in the field, don’t worry. Simply omit this section and proceed with your background.

  • Education

    Provide the employee with information on the college or other training programs you have completed. Write your specialty, topic of the dissertation and other details, relevant for the subject.

  • Certificates

    Make a list of licenses, which prove that you are ready to work with certain programs and applications. This section is very valuable, as it allows the hiring manager to see that you have practical experience, not just a diploma or a degree. Even if it is from one of the best colleges in the country.

  • Work experience

    Use a reverse chronological order to tell about your experience in the world of technologies. To be brief and save time of the employee, you can make a list and simply use the best keywords to reflect all the responsibilities you had to complete.

    In case you don’t have enough experience, you can use a functional format and highlight your strengths, skills and achievements.

    If you doubt whether you are able to create a strong resume, you can search for technical resume samples online. It is a great way to find new ideas and tailor your own CV according to widely accepted patterns.

Technical Resume Examples

Tech is famously one of the most challenging fields not only to work for, but also to write resumes. You can’t simply use words to describe your worth as a candidate, as you would do with most other professions. Tech recruiters are looking for exact numbers and keywords to measure your accomplishments at previous jobs. If you’re not sure how to go about writing your resume in the tech field, a technical resume example is exactly what you need. Our writers have created practical tech resumes samples for one simple purpose: to allow tech specialists to deliver the exact resume recruiters are looking for. Use this tech resume example to find your ideal job!

technical resume example

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Technical Project Manager Resume Sample

sample technical resume

This is only a sample, to get your own resume:

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Technical Resume Samples

technical support resume sample

This is only a sample, to get your own resume:<

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Technical Support Resume Example

Tech Resume Sample

This is only a sample, to get your own resume:

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Tech Resume Example

Resume Template Technical

This is only a sample, to get your own resume:

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Professional Technical Resume Template

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