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The engineering field is full of professionals in various spheres of specialization, so your task is to craft a resume that would stand you out ahead of the crowd. Writing this type of resume can be a more difficult challenge, because people responsible for the hiring process usually have nothing to do with engineering. However, this doesn’t mean that the mission is impossible. To reach the target, just follow the guidelines we crafted for you.

The Sections of a Resume

Your resume needs to be customized in order to fit a job offer you are applying for, whether it’s a civil engineer, mechanical or electrical engineer position. Here comes a list of sections which should be included into your resume:

  • Contact information. Make your name, email, phone, and post address be seen in the right top of the page.
  • Objective statement. Briefly indicate why you are applying for this position, and why you are the right candidate.
  • Education. In a reversed chronological order list the educational institutions, location, obtained degrees, major, and dates.
  • Coursework. If you do not have much experience in the given field, just indicate names of professional engineering classes you attended.
  • Licenses. Indicate any relevant licenses you already have or are currently pursuing.
  • Work experience. Indicate all relevant work experience, including internships, or volunteer work. Don’t forget to point out name of company(s), location, dates of employment, and job title.
  • Skills. Indicate relevant skills, including computer, language and professional skills which might be important for a particular job.
  • References. Provide your potential employer with references on a separate page. Be sure you have a permission to indicate the name and contact information of each reference.

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Resume Tips for Engineers

No matter, whether you are writing a manufacturing engineer resume or network engineer resume, these useful tips will turn your resume into a powerful marketing tool:

  • Be precise, and build your resume as it’s one of your projects. Correct all grammatical and stylistic mistakes if there are any. Clearly structured and grammatically correct – that’s the way employers want to see your resume.
  • Be concise, and avoid information overload. Too much is never too good! Most of the resumes get accepted or rejected within 20 seconds or even less, so your application should fit the bill within this time.
  • Customize your resume each time you send it out. Today, you might write a good electrical engineering resume, tomorrow you will need a software engineer resume. All job advertisements are never the same, so you definitely can add or remove some details to/from your resume before applying for the specific position.
  • Add a project list. This mainly depends on your specialty and years of experience, but nothing can be more convincing that a number of projects added to your resume.
  • Be honest. Your resume should be compelling but not deceptive. Show your strongest sides, but don’t exaggerate.
  • Attach a cover letter to sound more convincing to potential employers. It’s fine to use the first-person voice, but the paper should still sound formal.
  • Keep the format. Resumes usually tend to be longer than the required standard. Make your resume fit 2 –3 pages maximum. If your resume go over that recommended length, there is no way you can fool anyone by using a 10-point font. It will just make your resume less readable. Try to edit your resume instead, you’ll definitely find some information that can be omitted.

Whether you are an executive candidate or just an entry-level applicant, is always ready to assist you with your career endeavors. Our dedicated team of professional writers can edit your resume, or if you still haven’t started writing it, we would be more than happy to do it for you. Our biggest concern is to help individuals like you reach the success!

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