Each customer is free to claim a full refund in case he\she is not satisfied with our resume writing services. You may track the progress of your order, as the assigned writer can provide a draft of your resume ensuring that everything suits your requirements and standards. Please keep in mind that you are able to request the refund only within 10 days after receiving your paper.


  • A double payment on the order, payment for identical order, or any other payment mistake;
  • If the order got paid and is not needed (decided to create a resume/cv by themselves or just change their mind). In such cases, the customer has to inform our support team about cancellation within 15 minutes from the moment of payment, otherwise, we will start working on the order and a full refund will not be possible: 15-minutes cancellation -70% refund; half of the deadline - 50% refund; more than half of the deadline - 30% refund.
  • The deadline was missed. If such situation occurs, we need to examine the case and find out the reason. If a delay occurs due to the late uploading of extra materials on the customer's part, he/she cannot apply for a lateness refund.


  • If the quality of the resume writing does not correspond with the instructions or has grammar mistakes, a customer can request a refund. The percentage of the refund is determined by the Dispute Manager for each case specifically;
  • If there is no expert available to revise the customer's resume writing, we will give a 15% - 50% refund. In case we fail to provide the revision on time, a customer will get a 15% compensation;
  • If a client does not like the result – he/she can always contact our managers to request a refund, however a detailed explanation must be provided, otherwise the refund request will be declined.

    A customer cannot request a refund in case the order is revised and the issue is resolved;


  • Customer’s Store Credit Balance was used to cover the payment both fully or partially (the amount covered with Store Credit Balance is not refundable);
  • If our QA team finds that all of the customer's instructions provided initially were accurately followed;
  • Value Added Tax is not refundable as it is taken exclusively by the government;
  • When requirements and rules of the mentioned “terms of use” policy were not followed;
  • There is an open dispute in our system;
  • When a 10-day period of free revision has passed. (The free revision period starts right after the deadline, indicated on the order);
  • In case a customer wants to cancel the order when the service is already completed by our expert and there is still time till the deadline, a refund cannot be possible. The client will receive the service within 10-15 minutes from the cancellation request;
  • If a customer failed to give us thorough and clear instructions on the performance of the assignment - neither full nor partial refund will be considered. Please note: it is a client who decides whether to provide us with all the necessary materials and required files.
  • Draft cannot be considered as a reason for the refund, as it is not an obligatory option on our website. Draft is not a final version of the file; thus you cannot request cancellation\refund after receiving it. You can provide our expert with the feedback and they will adjust the comments.


If the customer is willing to get a refund, they need to contact our support team, and the order will be forwarded to the Billing Department, that analyzes each case individually and comes to a final decision. Such a process usually takes up to three business days. However, in separate situations, the process may last less or more, depending on the specific details of a particular case.

Please be informed that in case we do not receive any reply from the customer in regards to the manager's offer within 5 business days, the refund request will be terminated and the money paid fully/partially will be stored on the client's personal account on our website as a Store Credit Balance.


Our mission is to satisfy and exceed our customers' expectations. Our professional CV writers will do their best to deliver a flawless resume. They will rewrite and revise it as many times as necessary until you are totally satisfied with their work. Whenever you suggest a revision, we will guide you through the entire correction process to ensure that your CV satisfies your needs and expectations.