Things You Need To Do Before Your First Day Of Work

I still remember those thrilling and scary days before going to school or college for the first time. When I picked clothes for hours, packed my backpack, wrote lists of teachers and classrooms in my planner and prepared my lunch box. Starting a job is quite the same, as it also requires much consideration and attention to details. All of them may be crucial for your future career, so take them seriously and get ready!

Your first day will probably be quite stressful, so you need to make sure you prepare beforehand to avoid additional stress and rush. Below is a list of all the tips, which you may use to get ready the best you can!

1. Choose your outfit thoroughly

Most of the people rush to buy a new outfit the moment they are hired. They want to look sharp, when coming to the office for the first time but usually it is quite a wrong decision. Moreover, quite an expensive one.

You are going to face many new things on your first day at work, so brand new clothes may become an additional and unnecessary challenge! Imagine how you may feel in shoes that turned out to be small or in an itchy sweater. Instead pick something classical and professional; items you like and feel comfortable in. Prepare your outfit in the evening, so in the morning you won’t have to waste your time deciding what to wear.

As a bonus, you can pack an additional outfit and put it in a bag to make sure any unpleasant situations occur.

2. No need to pack lunch with you

While you may be a healthy eater or prefer saving money on having lunch at a café, packing a meal at your first day is not the best option. First of all, your manager will probably offer you to have lunch together and celebrate your first day at the office. If not, you can still go with the crowd, which is a great way to learn more about your colleagues. Usually coworkers discuss office routine, important projects or simply gossip during lunch, so to stay with the flow, you need to go along.

In case the whole office takes lunch boxes from home, you can simply offer others to have lunch outside and leave their meal for the next day. Moreover, you can say that the meal is on you! What can be a better way to make new friends?

However, you still need to think of your snacks in advance: you don’t need additional stress if you feel hungry without a chance to grab some food. Put nuts, a healthy bar or some fruits to your bag. You can even take some chocolate, as an extra treat to cheer you up on the first day.

3. Don’t plan to come right on time

This advice may sound quite a weird one but many people neglect it, making a huge mistake. Remember, you need to come to the office much earlier. Try to be there half an hour before the required time.

First of all, you will have additional time if there are traffic jams on your route or if you have calculated the required time wrongly. In addition, it will save you if you forgot something at home and need to return back. In addition, if you come accurately on time, your manager or supervisor will think that you are the one, who may be late in the future, as you can’t calculate the time properly.

However, the biggest benefit of being there in advance is that you can cool down, calm your heartbeat, grab a coffee in the nearest café, watch people entering the building, fix your clothes and make up if necessary. You can follow all your thoughts and calm them down, make notes or simply read a book to distract yourself.

In such a way, you will remain cool and completely calm by the time you need to head to the office.

4. Be ready for the small talk

You will have to meet tens or even hundreds of new people during your first day at the office, so you may feel horrified if not knowing what to say after ‘It is a pleasure to meet you’. That is why you need to prepare in advance. With the help of special conversation starters, you will be able to hold on the first couple minutes of a discussion, which may be quite awkward.

Keep some ideas in mind: resent news, celebrities, TV shows, work details and so on. However, make sure your topic is interesting and relevant, considering the person you are talking to.

5. Think of the things why you accepted the offer

The day before the first day at the office you need to take some time to consider the things, which made you accept the job offer. Remember whether it was your dream job and you were super happy about it or whether it was your first job and you couldn’t wait to start the adventure. Keep all these reasons in mind or better write them down.

They will help you to keep going despite all the difficulties and to follow your dream every time you feel tired or broken. Just return to your reasons and think of all the things you wanted to achieve.

Now it is a right time to have a proper rest and to conquer the world!

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